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The HBCU Times “Stomp The Yarders” Launches Esports Online Team in Partnership with Blaze Fire Games


The HBCU Times “Stomp The Yarders” Launches Esports Online Team in Partnership with Blaze Fire Games

In partnership with Blaze Fire Games, The HBCU Times Magazine is excited to announce the launch of its co-ed  intramuralEsports team and will join the Blaze Fire Games Conference esports division.

To help jump start its team, The HBCU TIMES will allow any of its current 200,000 readers and 50,000+ Facebook, Instagram, and ISSUU followers to join the new HBCU TIMES esports team for FREE, regardless of age. Additionally, discounts on team merchandise, esports certificates and early online tournament sign ups will be just a few of the numerous benefits.

The partnership also provides a virtual learning campus that will offer career pathway certificates in Intro to esports 101, esports Coaching, Health and Wellness in Esports, data analytics esports, game creation, digital marketing, esports project and broadcasting production management and understanding esports music and cloud perpetual income. Enrollment for the first certificate course, Intro to esports 101 will open on May 1st, 2020 and will begin on June 1st, 2020.

Esports is comprised of teams and individuals who compete head-to-head in live, online competitions. According to industry experts, esports has generated over $1.1 billion dollars in revenue and appeals to a multitude of people across generation, race, gender and ethnicity demographics.

“In an effort to provide today’s esports population with a more diverse career pathway look that also includes more income competitive opportunities, we and all of our partners understand that we have a moral responsibility to assist in helping to erase the digital divide. With nearly 500,000 students attending over 100 hundred Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) each year, we as a company understand that partners that have a digital impact, like the HBCU TIMES will only help erase the digital divide in underserved markets.  We look forward to working with HBCU Times CEO, Dr. David Staten and his amazing company as we help usher them and their more than 250,000+ membership base and their new esports team into the gaming world,” said I.Michael Reese, Founder of Blaze Fire Games.

The HBCU TIMES esports team will compete as a conference member of the Blaze Fire Games Conference (BFGC). The HBCU TIMES team will participate in the upcoming “Rocket League, Fortnite, Super Mario Smash Brothers, and NFL Financial Literacy Football.” Online esports scholarship, cash and trophy online summer and fall tournaments.

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About Blaze Fire Games

Blaze Fire Games Company is a digital co-educational online content licensed partnership games provider that aims to tap into a variety of creative talent immersion across the globe that will allow a diverse group of gamers to participate throughout a conducive career pathway learning and competitive environment for everyone to perform at their level best.



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