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Shartajeye’ Wright Queen Bio


Shartajeye’ Wright Queen Bio

Shartajeye’ “Taji” Wright is a PROUD graduate of Texas Southern University, serving as the 65th Miss Texas Southern University reigning during the 2011-12 school year. She is considered an “edu-advocate” as a CO-Founder of a personalized learning middle school in Dallas, Texas. Her STEM background enables her to specialize in turnaround innovation, a skill that allows her to work to turn around urban schools through a lens of intentional pedagogy and personalized learning. Her ongoing journey in education has proven that ALL kids, regardless of family structures, language barriers, or prior failures can rise to meet the high expectations set forth. She approaches her craft with authentic passion, content mastery, and compassion for the holistic student.

Outside of the classroom, her fight for equity continues as she serves on the leadership board for Dallas CORE. Dallas CORE is grounded in truth and equity and leverages the power of organized people to create lasting equitable systems in Dallas for all children. She is also the creator of FOREVER31Ruby, a movement empowering the modern-day virtuous woman to reclaim her crown through providing practical advice weekly. Her #dateyouboo mantra echos truth aligned to the virtues of the Proverbs 31 woman (Proverbs 31:10). Taji is motivated by purpose, therefore, her journey will continue to unfold in ways beyond her imagination on a local and global level.

Follow the movement on Instagram @forever31ruby.


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