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Clothing for the Culture


Clothing for the Culture

Legacy. History. Pride. These three words are the pillars that historically black colleges and universities have used to lay their foundation.

Legacy. History. Pride. These three words are the pillars that historically black colleges and universities have used to lay their foundation. And although many still struggle to not only recognize but understand the value of these institutions Tahir Murray is determined to ensure that their impact is not forgotten.

“I want to share the HBCU experience through the lense of fashion,” said Murray.

The Howard University senior got the idea to start his own clothing brand in the summer of 2019. After years of working with his father’s clothing brand, “School of Hard Knox,” Murray was inspired to continue doing the work to bridge the gap between high end streetwear and members of the black community.

Legacy, History, Pride or LHP for short encompasses three different branches of the brand. The history of the divine nine, HBCU apparel, and a revamped version of his father’s brand “School of Hard Knox” are featured on the website for purchase. In addition to this, Murray often chooses to post letters chroniclinghis HBCU experience and journey to becoming a larger name in fashion. But as they grow he doesn’t want it to lose it’s special touch, his heart.

“When you deal with other companies it can feel like you’re dealing with a robot and I don’t like that,” said Tahir.

To combat this he continues to serve as the marketing director of his brand. In this role Murray finds himself managing the styling, photography, and social media strategy to promote his trademark in the most authentic way possible.

“I’m fascinatedby the digital space because I am a visual learner,” said Murray. “I like to share who I am through virtual content.”

And his giving heart shines through in numerous ways. He not only does giveaways for loyal customers but also selectively shares his audience with those who have a passion for working in areas parallel to his brand’s purpose.

A few of LHP’s ambassadors include Asmara Montgomery, Jordan Webster, and Charlotte rapper, Reuben Vincent.

“It’s been inspiring to be a part of a brand that embodiesblack culture and black people. LHP mission and vision is reflected through the confidence each person has when wearing their clothes,” said Webster. “It’s the same power of confidence I possess to not only be unapologetically proudly of who I am, but toconfidently define my own legacy.”

Through blogging, social media posts, and other interactive content LHP is working to escort an entire generation to greatness.

“I want to use my platform as a megaphone to help them amplify their voices,” said Murray.

Ashleigh FieldsClothing for the CultureThrough the phrase, “All it takes is one,” he engages those inspired to leave their own unique legacy. After Maku Maker signed to Howard to play basketball, Murray made the phrase a nostalgic reminder of the past, present, and future of HBCU students.
When asked why he chose Howard, he quickly states it’s because he was sure that he would be inspired to achieve more after being surrounded by black excellence on campus.
“My experience in Howard’s School of Business gave me a foundational education and that’s something that my grandad and dad didn’t have but they wanted me to have it and share it,” said Murray.
One of the professors he sights as someone who invested in him is Dr. Graham, his marketing professor junior year.
“He [Dr. Graham] went out of his way to make sure I had all the tools necessary to succeed, he heard my story and his eyes lit up because he saw the fire and passion I had,” said Murray.
It is because of classes like these that Murray made the wise choice to become a licensed vendor for all the schools he sells products for. He has been approved by over 20 schools thus far. Because of his strong organizational skills he was featured in magazines like GQ, Swim Magazine, and ESPN.
A lot of this recognition came after NBA star Chris Paul wore HBCU apparel from head to toe during the playoffs.
“I’m glad people are noticing the brand but more importantly people are noticing HBCU culture,” said Murray. “I hope my momentum continues to grow because the more I grow the more “we” grow; I want to continue to uplift.”

Ashleigh Fields is a two time self published author of the books, "Caged" and "Mind over Matter." She is extremely enthusiastic about writing and is currently studying journalism at Howard University. Ashleigh is excited to pursue a freelance career dedicated to erecting the voices of the unheard through journalistic and creative writing.

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