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More Than 400 South Carolinians Endorse Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s Douglass Plan for Black America


More Than 400 South Carolinians Endorse Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s Douglass Plan for Black America

There are a number of questions voters may ask themselves before stepping into the ballot box. “Did I read enough about the candidates?” “Do their policies align with mine?”

More Than 400 South Carolinians Endorse Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s Douglass Plan for Black America

by Columbia City Councilwoman Tameika Devine, Rehoboth Baptist Pastor and State Rep. Ivory Thigpen, and more than 400 Douglass Plan endorsers

There are a number of questions voters may ask themselves before stepping into the ballot box. “Did I read enough about the candidates?” “Do their policies align with mine?” “Is there a place nearby where I can grab that second cup of coffee?” But most often it is — “whose presidency is going to make my life better?”

There is one presidential candidate who has proven to have intentional policies designed to make a difference in the Black experience, and that’s Pete Buttigieg. We are over 400 South Carolinians, including business owners, pastors, community leaders, and students. Together, we endorse his Douglass Plan for Black America, the most comprehensive roadmap for tackling systemic racism offered by a 2020 presidential candidate.

Pete recognizes that our challenges are intertwined–that you cannot talk about criminal justice reform without talking about an issue like economic empowerment, and you cannot talk about economic empowerment without talking about things like how our neighborhoods were segregated. His plan–as ambitious as the Marshall Plan that rebuilt Europe after World War II–addresses all of these aspects of our lives, including laying a strong foundation for racial justice, spurring Black entrepreneurship, and reforming our broken health care system. Pete believes that, with the right kind of policies and a national movement that holds our whole government accountable, we can finally achieve equality in his  lifetime.

The legacy of slavery is a legacy of stolen labor and stolen wealth. Slavery, segregation, redlining, predatory lending, and other systemic discriminatory practices created this dynamic, and the Douglass Plan will take deliberate steps to dismantle it. To close the wealth gap and promote greater economic security, Pete’s Douglass Plan will triple the number of entrepreneurs from underserved communities –particularly ones of color–within 10 years. His Walker-Lewis Initiative — inspired by Black business pioneers Madam CJ Walker and Reginald Lewis —  is  projected  to create up to three million new jobs.

A number of policies will work hand-in-hand to achieve this ambitious goal.

Pete will launch a federal fund, modeled on a successful program in Maryland, that will co-invest in entrepreneurs of color, so that a young coder from Spartanburg or Greenville can get a leg up in fulfilling her  aspirations. Recent graduates who were eligible for Pell Grants would be encouraged to start and maintain businesses in exchange for having their college loans deferred and forgiven. And under a Buttigieg administration, the federal government will set a new and far higher target for doing business with  minority- and women-owned firms — increasing it to 25%. This proposal alone could inject more than $100 billion in communities of color.

And, knowing the extraordinary role that HBCUs play as engines of empowerment, a  Buttigieg administration will dedicate $25 billion to these institutions. By significantly increasing investments to schools like Claflin University and South Carolina State, Pete will help level the playing field between them and other world-class colleges and universities in the United States.

But Pete’s policies to reverse the harms caused by hundreds of years of systemic injustices don’t stop there.  Pete has proposed a 21st Century Homestead Act to make it easier for  people living in historically redlined communities to become homeowners. . With Black women dying from maternal complications at triple the rate of white women, and Black men facing a greater risk of diabetes, Pete has outlined a plan for Health Equity Zones to help communities with their most pressing needs — including recruiting more Black doctors, nurses, and health professionals. And to ensure it becomes easier–not harder–to vote, Pete will pass a 21st Century Voting Rights Act.

On the campaign trail, Pete has been talking about making Americans in every part of the country feel like they belong. And the Douglass Plan does just that. Tearing down racist structures and systems with bold and comprehensive reforms, the Douglass Plan will unlock the potential of Black America and take bold steps toward fulfilling long-broken promises of true equity.

Written by over 400 South Carolinians who endorsed Pete Buttigieg’s Douglass Plan for Black America. Read a full list of names below:

 Tameika Isaac Devine (Columbia City Councilwoman), Jordan Johnson, Napoleon Wells (USC Professor), Rev. Malcolm Taylor (Pastor of New Life Beulah Church), Bambi Gaddist (SC HIV/AIDs Councils), Doward Harvin (Attorney in Darlington and Hemingway, James Clyburn Political Fellow), Phyllis Drakeford (Kershaw County Democratic Party Chair), Isaac Legare (St. Johns High School Teacher), Rev. Demett Jenkins, Alphonso Atkins Jr, Sarah Isis Macnamara,Teal Fenton, Chanáe Jamison, John Willcox, Lauren Maxwell, Vickie Holt, Marge Godfrey, Farris Johnson, Charlie Nix, Sam Dobson, Scott Nix, Dylan Harrington, Georgia Skerman, Bill Whiting, Dianne Bledose, Denise Gould, Miriam Agosto, Carolyn Dyer, Doris McLallen, Scott McLallen, Nik Stojkovski, Hanna Arnold, Leigh Walker, Margaret “Peggy” Schotsh, Vladimer Hamed-Troyansky, Ronny Hamed-Troyansky, Mark Jones, Chuck Milteer, Jim Fowler, Angel Agosto, Bob Moir, Pat Dilger, Jennifer Gould, Angela Nix, Evelyn Nocella, Burns Davison, John McCants, Will Murray, Gene Mcqueen, Joseph Glenn Spivey, Teresa Harper, Alex Spring, Shannen Desoya, Calista Brewer, Randy Workman, Laura Quattlebaum, Brittany Greer, Ann McCants, Mack McCants, Luis Guzman ,Evon Corbett, Phyliss Jones, Scott Harris, Mia Riffle, Liam Judge, Matthew Jones, Julie Clurry, Catherine Dowdy, Haley Jones, Russell Pawly, Sarah Amerson, Hikaym Rivers, Vanessa Bradford, Jimmy Moak, Michael Reames, Brenna McGuire, Zoe Barber, Janaisha Hart, Kasey Denton, David Fair, Caroline Preas, Donna Birdsong, Patty Jahusad, Eric Dickerson, Megan Rodney, Tabrez Nurani, Rachel Hill, Sarah Ellegood, Nivek Nicholson, Zachary Pears, Suzanne Snyder, Mariah Johnson, Jared Artz, Madison McFarlan, Ashe Rutherford, Jordan Mack, Philip Brooks, Tobin Lovell, Lanette Garris, Jay Luebke, Horace Griffin, Joseph Boyd , Sam Wilson, Kate Marchand, Travis Byrne, Pedro Martinez, Alex Ruz, Hanna Mathews, Jennifer Cummings, Herb Poole, Michael Wachowski, Terry Minnett, Steve Parker, Reginald Renolds, Elliot Lucas, Jack Hannum, William Koontz, Faith Buchanan, Sydney Ford, Steve Cruise, Randy Elvidge, Shena Bryant, Adelle Williams, Marissa Yorkshire, Coronne Davis, Leo Comissing,Todd Burkett, Kerri Varnadore, Josh Butler, Dominique Harris, Ella Mclane, Ally Montgomery, Sloan Wilson, Jim Lane, Ally Thomas, Will Johnson, Tim Oxley, Joshua Sanders, Holly Hyde, William Kirven, Will Potter, Kiana Edmond, Pete Olsson, Vicky Pankow, Caroline Ward, Telmar Skahn, Sarah Leopard, Deborah Steeves, Kim Ostrosky, Gene Baughman, Annmarie Mcmannus, Ashley Jordan, Charles Fricke, Kristin Snelgrave, Jared Poe, Camille Roberson, Taggert Vintano, Tracy Borman, David Campbell, Brandon Chinn, Mason Smith, Rebecca Sgroi, Drew Johnson, Bailey Greemon, Hope Daniels, Mae Thomas, Cassidy Mosley, Clifton Bolder, Joshua Volf, Julie Zimmerman, Marshall Spann, Stephen Nichols, Raclul Rollins, Christina Zissette, Carlos Deliz, Shawn Guirau, Ray Ramcy, Bradley Crain, Rachel Carter, Simeon Lenir, Ashley Kilowy, Amber Song, Lillie Coats, Kathy Anderson, Elizabeth McCall, James Wilson, Daniel Biggins, Emma Crandall, Abby Druckenmiller, Ainsley Bradbury, Jackson Ringley, Keith Adamns, Beth Mullins, Nathan Mullins, Dr. Arthur Young, Amanda Rowa, Meagan Gustyn, Jason Gray, Devin Lemon, Abbie LeGrand, Sarah Kate Sanchez, Jackie Sanchez, Elisabeth McInville, Josh Allen, Debra Mercado, Vincent Danbridge, Autumn Morris, Josh Ray, Michael Ruff, Erin Schnitger, Kate Wallace, Ivan Osburn, Ava Mulcahey, Barbara Bittnor, Taylor Caughman, Billy McWatters, TIffany Smith, Chad Hamar, Rayven Weston, Jimmy Moak, Anna Hale, Kyle Neal, Anna Hale, Sydney Walters, Chris Moore, Jeanetta Herring, Candice Green, Daysean Gains, Jesika Evans, Shirley Jones, Andrew Blind, Kamara Davis, Robert Hall, Kennedy Smith, Leith Huddleston, Josh Sims, Jonathan Wright, Alma Mills , Machella Bethune, Adrian Sowe, Dita Terry, Saysha Love Johnson, Kendrieana Carl Bryant, Jean T Zollicoffer, Steven Terry, April Milner, D’Andrea Gilliam, Hattie M Crawford, Hattie M McCutcheon, Donald B Cureton, Quintavis M Thomas, Brittany Minis, Aaliyah McLntosh, Debbie Courtney Lomax, Tanisha Asheyl, Matthew George, Kemya Lemon, Calvin B Gary,  Jennifer Clyburn Reed, Tyler Ashford, Donquel Williams, Emery Benson, Kimberly Spade, Veronica Richards, Loretta Maxwell, Mark Jameson, Stephens Clark, Melvin Jones, Loretta Whelster, Lauren Tolbert, Vertelle Pondexter Jameson, Bobby Gowen, James Simmons, Beth Rickenbacker, Kartina Harrison, Paul Blaer, Dorian Snell, Tamme Widem, John Hamm, Monica King, Lauren Everett, Thais Bruin, Charles Green, Matt Brock, Nelle Attis, Hiraki Owawi, Rodney Willow, Ernell Johnson, Mary Frazier, John Johnson, Darence Shaler, Tony Gathe, Lucy Martin, Joyce O’Connor, Diane Meteh, Clifton Jordan, Linda Brown, James Press, Marcello Buckner, Wendell Davis, Laura Breshears, David Kellogg, Maria Deu, Ann Elliott, Kiersten Warfield, Anita Wessinger, Riana Shelley, Faith Robertson, Erin Poole, Dan Miller, Scott Decker, Braden Poovey, Jim Morris, Alicia Garcia, Tracy Seller, Tameria Powell, Robert Glennn, Amy Scott, Jody Graham, Rebecca Westgate, Janie Westenfelder, Zach Kronsberg, Lucas Cumbee, Jarred Wagner , Laura Livingston, Ruth Marie Embler, Lara McFalls, Eagle Strayhorn, Cator Sparks, Liz Maldonado, Joshua Garcia, Joseph E. Stern, Abbie Lipscomb, Hannah Forman, Sean Helle, Karen Frakes, Steven Stack, Heather Pickens, Craig Seymour, Sara Rutledge, Kathleen Serano, Linda Wing, Rebecca Westgate, Jarred Wagner Robinson, Robby Struthers, Renee Armstrong, Lee Hughes, Mitzi Ganelin, Susan Fasola, Nancy Ritter, Kathryn Roy, Zach English, Robert Schofield, Shedra Williams, Brian Boone, Chris Volf, Marlene Omlor, Steve Omlor, Lindell Forst, Jarred Wagner-Robinson, Renee Holmes, Gena Ryan, Marley Dickson, Mary Williams, Jake Pereira, Linda Dozier, Deloris Jeffcoat, Zach Kronsberg, Don Hartderm, Brian Stellwise, Jacob Wilson, Sue O’Connell, Pam Kathan, Linda Lacavera, Hayle Turner, Melissa Onak, Ann Ford, Mark Gould, Kurtis Mickens, Karen Race, Deb Brown, Dennis Miller, Lee Hurd, Kenny Inman, Lee Benfield, Lauren Hagenmeyer, Amber Thompson, Kathryn Johnson, Sharon Cooper, Marion L Cooper, Kristina Strosnider, Ryan Poston, Crystal Hicks, Janet Smith, David Porter, Kathyrn Johnson, Lisa Izzo, Mark Gould, Janet Nye, Nikki Pechin, Karen Emmans, Lisa Hayes, Ron Hunt, Bob Oberg, Emily Stressman, Donna Norvelle, Lynn Morgenstern, Shannon Sewell, Sonya Wilson, Vicky Ingalls, Kat Morgan, Kim Farris, Charley Adkinson, Kayla Bukowski, Marlee Baber, Janis Tracey, David Beauchemin

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